[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center ・Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Venezuelan economy, Venezuelan area studies

Education / Research Experience

M.A. in Latin American Studies, Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1990
B.A. International Christian University (ICU), Japan, 1988
Professional Career:
Entered IDE, Editorial section, 1990-1991
Latin America Project Team, IDE, 1991-1995
Research in Caracas, Venezuela(CENDE-UCV, and IESA), 1995-1997
Latin America Project Team, IDE, 1997-2009
Research in Caracas, Venezuela, 2009-2011
Deputy Director, Latin American Studies Group, Area Studies Center, 2011-2012
Director, Latin American Studies Group, Area Studies Center, 2012-2018
Area Studies Center・Senior Researcher, 2018-

Major Works

  • "Chavez's Triumph in the Presidential Election 2006: A Green Light toward the Socialism of the 21th Century?" Latin America Report , Vol.24 No.1, 2007 (Japanese).
  • "Venezuela's Chavez Administration: The Leading Anti-US Leftist Government in South America," Ajiken World Trend , No.133, Oct. 2006, pp.4-7 (Japanese).
  • "Management in Venezuelan Enterprises: Management Structures and Managers," T. Hoshino and A. Suehiro eds., Management of Enterprises in Developing Countries , Tokyo: Iwanami, 2006, (Japanese).
  • "Economic and Social Policies under Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela," Latin America Report , Vol.22 No.2, 2005 (Japanese).
  • "The Beer War in Venezuela: Polar vs ODC," Latin America Report , Vol.22 No.1, 2005. (Japanese).
  • "Family Business in Venezuela: Can They Grow without External Capital?" T. Hoshino ed., Management and Innovation in Family Business: A Comparative Study of Asia and Latin America) IDE, 2004 (Japanese).
  • "Political Crisis in Venezuela: Its Economic and Social Aspects and Neoliberalism," Latin America Report , Vol.20 No.2, 2003 (Japanese).
  • "Venezuela: Weakening of Traditional Economic Groups under Economic Liberalization and Globalization," T. Hoshino ed., Globalization and Enterprises in Developing Countries , IDE, 2002 (Japanese).
  • "Political Turmoil in April: Chavez Government and Venezuelan Democracy," Latin America Report , Vol.19 No.2, 2002 (Japanese).
  • "New Trend in the Studies of Business-State Relations in Latin America," Latin American Report 2001 Vol.18 No.1 (Japanese).
  • "Business-State Relations under Economic Liberalization: Cases of Venezuela and Colombia," Y.Koike and K.Horisaka eds., New Production Systems in Latin America: An Alternative to Import Substitution Model , 1999 (Japanese).
  • La Crisis venezolana: busqueda de un nuevo modelo de desarrollo , Caracas: CENDES, Tema de docencia, No.3, 1998 (Spanish).

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

Latin American Studies Association(LASA)
Asociación Japonesa de Estudios Latinoamericanos (AJEL), Japan
Japan Society of Social Science on Latin America (JSLA), Japan


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