NAMBA Seitaro

NAMBA Seitaro

NAMBA Seitaro
[Belonging・Position] Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center
[Research Field] Lao Studies, Contemporary History of Laos

Education / Research Experience

B.A. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2010.
M.A. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2012.
Ph.D. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2020.
Professional Career:
Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 2014-2016.
Research Associate, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau (Overseas Legislative Information Research Division), National Diet Library of Japan, 2016-2017.
Research Associate, Area Studies Center (Current Affairs Studies Group), Institute of Developing Economies, 2017-2020.
Part-time Researcher, Intelligence and Analysis Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2020-2021.
Research Fellow, Area Studies Center (Southeast Asian Studies Group II), Institute of Developing Economies, 2021-today.
Part-time Lecture, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. 2020-today.

Major Works

  • "The Conflict between Socialism and Neutralism in Laos: The Liberated Zone's Plurality in the Most Peripheral Area of the Socialist Camp during the Détente Era (1945-1975)", Ph.D. dissertation, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2021.(in Japanese)
  • "The Process of Establishing the Liberated Zone in Laos: Focusing on Changes in the Strategy of the Pathet Lao toward the Kingdom of Laos and the DRV in the 1950s" In Tonan Ajia Kenkyu 55(1), 2017. (in Japanese)
  • "Socialist Construction of Laos at the End of the Cold War Era: From the Establishment of Lao People's Democratic Republic to the Launching of Chintanakan-mai and Piangpeng-mai (1975-1986)" In Language, Area and Culture Studies 19: 241-257, 2013.(in Japanese)

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies, Japan Association for Asian Studies


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