[Belonging・Position] Environment and Natural Resource Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Deputy Director
[Research Field] Environmental problems in developing countries, Trade and the environment, Standards and trade, Product-related environmental regulations, Globalization and developing countries, Supply chains
[email] Etsuyo_Michida@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

M.A. in Economics (the University of Western Ontario, Canada), 1997
Ph.D. in Economics (Kobe University, JAPAN), 2006

Professional Career:
Joined the IDE, 2001
Other Information:
Consultant in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO), Vienna, Austria and Jakarta, Indonesia, 2004-2006
Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, California, U.S.A. 2015-2017

Major Works

Publications (please see Japanese page for my publications in Japanese.)
Recent discussion papers
Policy brief
Recent presentations
  • "Policy Diffusion in the Environment and Food Policy and Challenges for Trade in Asia," (co-organized with UNCTAD) in WTO Public Forum 2017.
  • "Plugging into the Global Agricultural Value Chain: A Perspective from Developing Countries in Asia," WTO Public Forum 2015.
  • "Compliance through Supply Chains: Comparing Food and Manufacturing Sectors" in Bali Trade and Development Symposium (Side Event of WTO the 9th Ministerial Conference), Bali, Indonesia、2013.
  • "The Impact of Product-Related Environmental Regulations on Asian Policies", seminar in Environment Directorate, Agriculture and Trade Directorate, OECD, Paris, 2013.
  • "Impacts of Product-Related Chemical Regulations on Firms through Supply Chains", The 17th Meeting of AMEICC (AEM-METI ECONOMIC AND INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION COMMITTEE) Working Group on Chemical Industry (WG-CI), 2012.
  • "Are there win-win opportunities in developing countries?", Environmental and Resource Economists, 3rd World Congress in Kyoto, Japan,2006.
  • "Management for a variety of pollution and North-South Trade", European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 14th Annual Conference in Bremen, Germany, 2005.
Other experiences
  • Consultant in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna and Indonesia from 2004-2006
  • Lecturer in Institute of Developing Economies Advanced School (2009-present)