[Belonging・Position] Microeconomic Analysis Studies Group, Development Studies Center
[Research Field] South Asian Economy, Labor Economics, Family Economics, Population Economics

Education / Research Experience

University of Tokyo, Bachelor of Law, 1999
Fletcher School, Tufts University, Master of Arts with Certificate in International Development with Specialization in Economic Analysis Trade and Investment, 2002
University of Washington, Ph.D. in Economics, 2011
Professional Career:
Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), Area Studies Department I, 2002
Area Studies Center, South Asian Studies Group, 2003
Overseas Research Fellow (Seattle), 2007 -2009
Area Studies Center, South Asian Studies Group, 2011
Senior Overseas Research Fellow, 2019-2021
Development Studies Center, Microeconomic Analysis Studies Group, 2021–

Major Works

Publications in English Only

(Work in Progress)

  • "Labor Market Information and Parental Attitudes toward the Labor Force Participation of their Daughters: Experimental Evidence from Rural Pakistan"
  • "Adolescent Girls' Agency and their Labor Force Participation: Experimental Evidence from Rural Bangladesh" (joint with Sajeda Amin)
  • "Understanding the Role of Girls' Schooling and Paid Work in Delaying Marriage" (joint with Sajeda Amin, Christina Misunas, Stephanie Psaki)
  • "Girls' time-use during early adolescence and its link to early marriage: Comparative evidence from four low-resource settings" (joint with Christina Misunas)
  • "Heterogeneous Impacts of Interventions Aiming to Delay Girls' Marriage and Pregnancy across Household Background and Social Norms" (joint with Thoai Ngo, Stephanie Psaki, Sajeda Amin, Karen Austrian)

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