[Belonging・Position] Overseas Research Fellow (Vienna)
[Research Field] Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Public Policy, International Trade and Chinese Economy
[email] Lei_Lei@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
M.S. in Mathematics, Ohio University
M.A. in Applied Economics, Ohio University
B.A. in International Economics and Trade, Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Professional Career:
Intern, Office of Regional Economic Integration, Asian Development Bank, Manila, the Philippines
Visiting Scholar, European Institute of Asian Studies, Brussels, Belgium

Major Works

Refereed Journal Articles
  • "Can money always talk? Implication for environmental compensation by international agribusiness" Journal of Cleaner Production 215:1014-1024 (2019). (w/ Jie Sun & Li Zhou)
  • "Avian influenza, non-tariff measures and the poultry exports of China" The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 63(1): 72-94 (2019). (w/ Li Zhou & Lingzhi Li)
  • "Intra-Household Allocation of Nutrients in an Opening China" International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15.4 (2018): 700. (w/ Li Zhou & Xiaohong Chen)
  • "Promoting Dietary Guidelines and Environmental Sustainability in China" China Economic Review (2017). (w/ Satoru Shimokawa)
  • "Has U.S. Farm Policy Influenced Fruit and Vegetable Production?" Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 36(2):265–286 (2014). (w/ Joseph Balagtas, Barry Krissoff & Bradley Rickard)
  • "How Important Are Sanitary and Phytosanitary Barriers in International Markets for Fresh Fruit?" Agricultural Economics 42(2011) S1: 19-31. (w/ Bradley Rickard)
Book chapters and Reports
  • Lei Lei. 2014. Sino-European Cooperative Development and Prospect in Agriculture. In China-EU Green Cooperation, edited by E. Reuter and M. Jing. Singapore: World Scientific. Oct. 2014. pp. 201-208.
  • Meeting Standards, Winning Markets Regional Trade Standards Compliance Report East Asia 2018. UNIDO and IDE-JETRO Joint Report, forthcoming (w/ Etsuyo Michida & Kaoru Nabeshima)
Work in Progress
  • "Leave or Stay? PM2.5 Air Pollution and Migration" (w/ Xiaohong Chen & Li Zhou)
  • "Social Network and Willingness-to-Accept Environmental Compensation by International Agribusiness in Rural China"
  • "Identifying the Determinants of China's Organic Agri-food Exports to the Developed Countries"

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association
Chinese Economist Society
European Institute for Asian Studies


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