KIMURA Koichiro

KIMURA Koichiro

KIMURA Koichiro
[Belonging・Position] Business and Industry Studies Group, Development Studies Center ・Deputy Director
[Research Field] Industrial organization, economics of innovation, Chinese economy
[email] Koichiro_Kimura E-mail
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Previous research

My research interest is the growth mechanism of firms in emerging economies that contribute to the reduction of income disparity among countries. With a focus on fast-growing Chinese firms, I have been researching (1) how they have achieved growth under economic liberalization since the 1980s, and (2) how they have increased their innovation activities and overseas expansion to achieve further growth since the mid-2000s. For (1), I have found that the technology gap between Chinese firms and firms in advanced economies affects the make-or-buy decisions and value chains of Chinese firms. For (2), I have found that the maturity levels of technology in different industries affect the diversification of growth patterns among Chinese firms. By making comparisons among firms and industries while conducting case studies of Chinese firms, I have been attempting to realize a unified analysis of the various growth patterns of firms in emerging economies.

Current research projects

To demonstrate the technology-accumulation process of firms in emerging economies, I am using patent data to investigate the formation and development of technology positions in firms in China and other countries.

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