[Belonging・Position] Academic Information Center ・Director-General
[Research Field] Development/Corporate Finance, Philippine Economy (Financial Sector, ICT-BPM Industry, TVET), International Organization/Administration
[email] Chie_Kashiwabara E-mail
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Previous research

Starting with some research to analyze the assistances by international organizations and the recipient countries’ responses for dealing with the Asian economic/financial crisis (1997-1998), I have continued to examine the revitalization of the Philippine financial sector, the progress/stagnation of banking and capital market reforms, and subsequent restructuring in the banking sector, etc. On the other hand, in order to explore the causes and issues of long-stagnant Philippine economy until the 2000s, my research interests have expanded to: the domestic industrial structure; employment and labor markets; the outsourcing industry (ICT-BPM) that has grown rapidly since the late 2000s; and narrowing the significant gap in financial accessibility between the Metro Manila and other regions.

Current research projects

The Philippines, aiming to become a higher middle-income country by 2040, recognizes that it is essential to eliminate various disparities and advance domestic industries, and has implemented policies to realize inclusive growth since the 2010s. I am engaged in researches: 1) to examine the policies and systems for upgrading domestic human resources and their effects, and 2) to analyze strategies/adaptation to the rapidly changing and digitalization-centered business environment in the financial (banking) sector.