Frequently Asked Questions

Job opening for IDE-JETRO Research Fellow

Qualification / Research fields
Q Is it a mandatory to have Ph.D.? I have 2 master’s degrees. Am I qualified?
Every applicant must have Ph.D.. Even if you have 2 master’s degrees, you are not qualified unless you have a Ph.D.
Q I am not Japanese. May I apply for the position?
Yes. Nationalities are no object.
Q Is there any age restriction?
No. There is no age restriction.
Q Could you please let me know whether my research fields suit IDE-JETRO or not?
We cannot answer this question because we will judge it through the screening process.
Submission of application materials
Q May I submit the application materials by e-mail?
We cannot accept your application by e-mail or postal mail. Every applicant is required to send all materials by online.
Thesis / Dissertation
Q Currently I am a Ph.D. student and therefore my Ph.D. dissertation is not completed yet. However, it is required to submit the Ph.D. dissertation, how can I do about this?
If you are writing the Ph.D. dissertation at present, please submit the latest version. In case that the title is tentative, please mention it. And if the dissertation is going to be modified heavily after you submit, please prepare a document explaining the prospect of it.
Q My thesis / dissertation will be very thick and heavy when printed. May I submit it in a booklet style or a both side printing style?
Yes, any style is fine. We will accept any style of thesis / dissertation if printed.
Q My thesis / dissertation is written in a foreign language other than English. Is it possible to submit this as an application material?
Although we will accept it, please attach a summary in English or Japanese. In this case, please make sure another thesis / dissertation you submit is written in English or Japanese.
Recommendation letter
Q May I ask my advisor to send the recommendation letter directly to IDE-JETRO? Or, should I include it in my application package?
Recommendation letters can be sent directly to us. Of course you can include it in your application package.
Q My advisor cannot send the recommendation letter within the deadline for some reason. Could you accept the PDF version in this case?
If it is impossible to meet the deadline, we will accept the submission of a PDF version only in this case. However, please make sure to send the original copy at a later date.
Q Because I graduated from a university abroad and now I am a Ph.D. student, I cannot prepare some of the certificates. What can I do on this?
Please submit some documents that certify your graduation from the university, such as, a copy of diploma, certificates of graduation and so on. If you are in a doctoral course, please prepare the graduation letter from your university or your advisor.
Q I have applied for an Area Studies position, but can I change my application to the Development Studies position?
If within the application period, you can change it. Please contact Research Personnel Division directly.
Q Can I undergo an interview through telephone or skype because I live overseas?
We cannot conduct the interview through telephone or skype.