Fellowships / Job Openings

Job Opening for IDE-JETRO Fixed Term Researcher for Development Studies

as of September 9, 2022

Applications closed on 30 September 2022 with sufficient applications.

Job positions

Researchers engaging in studies on developing and emerging economies based on the fixed term contract for three years.


  • Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in Economics and have expertise described below;
    ① An applied econometrician with expertise in time series and macroeconomic analyses
    ② An agricultural economist with expertise in Sub-Sahara Africa.
  • Once selected, applicants must commute to IDE-JETRO located in Chiba prefecture in Japan.
  • We accept applicants of any nationality.

How to apply

1. Registration: All applicants must register online first and upload required documents through the URL below.

2. Documents: All applicants must provide the followings by uploading to WEBCAS.

(1) Curriculum vitae with a recent photograph (Download a template on our website).

(2) Motivation letter (about 600 words).

(3) A list of your academic publications, including books, monographs, research papers, and other works written in English or Japanese.

(4) One copy of the abstracts of major writings (up to three items, about 500 words for each).

(5) A copy of major writings (Ph.D. dissertation or major academic publications including book, book chapter, monograph, research paper, or refereed article in English or Japanese) up to three items.

(6) A letter of recommendation (optional).

A copy of the certificate of Doctor's degree will be requested after a job offer is made.

3. Instruction to submit the above documents:
(1) All the documents described above must be submitted as electronic data by uploading to WEBCAS. Please refer to the attached paper “Instruction to upload documents to WEBCAS”.
(2) Confirmation of receiving will be sent within three days from uploading by e-mail.

Application period

All applications must be received by 17:00 (GMT+9), 30 September 2022.

Selection procedure

(1) Initial screening: Selection based on submitted materials and major writings.
(2) Interview: Interview in English or Japanese.
However, interview may be replaced by written or other correspondence.

Starting date

Between 1 January 2023, and 1 April 2023 (negotiable) depends on obtaining work permit of Japan.
※IDE-JETRO will support to obtain work permit of Japan after job offer made.

Other terms and conditions of employment

  • Working hours: Discretionary working schedule system (deemed to work for 8 hours 35 minutes on each day of duty)
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
  • Paid leaves: Annual, Summer, and other miscellaneous leaves specified by the law
  • Salary: Determined by the experience and qualifications of the candidate as per IDE-JETRO policies.
    (Average salary in 2020 by IDE-JETRO policies is as below)
    ・Average salary amount : JPY8,002,000-
    ・Average age of researcher : 46.2 years old
  • Social security: Eligible for social and government insurance of Japan such as National Health Insurance, National Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation insurance, Employee’s Pension Plan and Corporate Pension Fund
  • Trial period: Six month, terms and conditions are same as above.
  • Others: Smoking is not allowed except smoking area outside the building

Working place:

3-2-2 Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba city, Chiba pref., Japan
Zip: 261-8545

Please send inquiries to:

IDE-JETRO, Recruitment, Research Personnel Division
Research Planning Department
E-mail:ide-recruit E-mail
Tel: 81-43-299-9528 / Fax: 81-43-299-9724

※Please note that we cannot answer questions about the result of selection.


All documents submitted will be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and JETRO's rules for the protection of personal information and will be used for recruitment purposes only. The information will not be shared with any third party unless it infringes on the relevant laws. All the submitted documents will be demolished after recruitment purposes.