Industrial Dynamics in China and India: Firms, Clusters, and Different Growth Paths  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

This book is one of the first to provide a fully-fledged and detailed comparative perspective on the growth of major industries in China and India. The focus is explicitly on the indigenous firms and clusters that are emerging as the new world industrial leaders. It clarifies the fundamental differences in the competition and organisation between the two countries, and explores the institutional context that created these gaps. The industries discussed range from the traditional, such as textiles, electronics, and automobiles, to areas that have developed more recently, such as ICT-related services and electric vehicles. Specific focus is placed on the role played by individual skills, organizational R&D, and interfirm networks in capability creation. Other East Asian experiences are used to highlight the new realities of super populous ex-agrarian countries in the 21st century. This is a reliable analysis by an international group of industrial field researchers based on their repeated surveys in both countries.


■ Industrial Dynamics in China and India: Firms, Clusters, and Different Growth Paths
■ Edited by Moriki Ohara, M. Vijayabaskar, and Hong Lin
■ £65.00
■ 266pp
■ September 2011
■ ISBN978-0-230-29878-1


Introduction: Different Competition, Different Industrial Dynamics/ Moriki Ohara

Part I Firms and Competition

1. Competition and Management in the Manufacturing Sector in China and India: A Statistical Overview/ Moriki Ohara and Hong Lin

2. China and India's Electrical and Electronics Industries: A Comparison between Market Structures/ Koichiro Kimura

Part II Capability Formation: Skills, Technology, and Innovation

3. Technology Acquisition by Indigenous Firms: The Case of the Chinese and Indian Automobile Industries/ Tomoo Marukawa

4. Capability-Building via Interfirm Relationship and In-House Employment in China and India: A Comparative Study of the Motorcycle Industry/ Moriki Ohara

5. Skill Formation through Education and Training: A Comparison of China and India/ Yoko Asuyama

6. The Institutional Milieu of Skill Formation: A Comparative Study of Two Textile Regions in India and China/ M.Vijayabaskar and J. Jeyaranjan

Part III The Role of the State and the Global Production Network

7. Two Tales of Agro-Industrial Transformation: State Capacity in China's and India's Textile Industries/ Mark P. Dallas

8. Local Finance and Governments in the Economic Development of China and India: Distribution and Economic Efficiency/ Kai Kajitani

9. The Electric Vehicle Industry in China and India: The Role of Governments for Industry Development/ Martin Lockström, Thomas Callarman, and Liu Lei

10. The Role of Local Government in Software and ITES Offshoring in Dalian, China/ Hiromi Hinata

11. The Role of Standards in Technology-Driven Commodity Chains: The Information and Communication Technology Services Industry in Dalian, China, and Bangalore, India/ Balaji Parthasarathy and Bharath M. Palavalli