Findings by international research team led by Meng Bo (Senior Research Fellow) published in One Earth, sister journal of Cell

March 10, 2023

A international research team led by Meng Bo, Senior Research Fellow of IDE-JETRO, traced bilateral country-sector CO2 emissions along Global Value Chains (GVCs).
Their findings were published in the February 17, 2023 issue of the journal One Earth.

Bo Meng, Yu Liu, Yuning Gao, Meng Li, Zhi Wang, Jinjun Xue, Robbie Andrew, Kuishuang Feng, Ye Qi, Yongping Sun, Huaping Sun, Keying Wang, “Developing countries’ responsibilities for CO2 emissions in value chains are larger and growing faster than those of developed countries,” One Earth: 6(2) 167-181, Feb, 2023

The crux of this study lies in the fact that researchers have introduced a novel approach grounded in input-output analysis to differentiate and discern self- and shared responsibility concerning CO2 emissions along GVCs. The outcomes of this inquiry, which evince sharing of responsibility for emission transfers through GVCs, are anticipated to furnish a valuable point of reference for forthcoming negotiations on climate change, the creation of climate funds, and the carbon border adjustment mechanism.