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Special Seminar

International cooperation through establishment of standards and certification system for environmentally friendly products and technologies

Trend around Official Development Assistance and other international cooperation projects is that, cooperation on institutional development such as assistance on regulations and guidelines making through Public-Private Partnership is an essential part of the projects, especially when aiming for the Japanese products and technologies to expand their market in developing countries.

In an area of environmental issues, there have been attempts to establish industrial standards and regulations related to the dissemination of environmentally-friendly products and energy-saving products in the market. However, introduction of regulation and standards are not easy goal to achieve.

Existing academic study suggests that,initiatives on institutional development and its implementation should be taken by developing countries. Therefore, on top of the awareness raising to switch from ordinary products to environmentally-friendly products in the countries, sense of ownership should also be cultivated within developing countries to appropriately implement the institutional arrangements. One-way promotion of institutional arrangements from developed countries could end up in not establishing the guidelines and regulatons, and though they did, it won’t be in use.

This seminar is highly correlated with the contents of research group on "regulations and standards", and to discuss in details on contents with invitees from abroad, we plan to organize the workshop simultaneously.


December 5, 2017. (Tuesday) 13:30-16:45


Japan External Trade Organization Headquarters 5F ABCD Conference Room
Ark Mori Building, 5F 12-32, Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo



13:30-13:55 Concept Introduction
Michikazu Kojima (Inter-disciplinary Studies Center Chief Senior Researcher, IDE-JETRO)

"Review of environmental certification system in Asian countries and extraction of issues for its dissemination"
Masachika Suzuki (Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (Environment Research and Technology Development Fund S-16) / Professor, Sophia University)


"International cooperation project on establishing the minimum energy efficiency standard for energy-saving

air-conditioners in ASEAN countries"(Tentative)
Kittisak Sukvivatn (Program Manager, International Copper Association Southeast Asia)


"Project on establishment of treatment performance testing methods for decentralized domestic wastewater

treatment facilities in Indonesia and ASEAN countries"(Tentative)
Rieko Kubota (International Project Coordinator, Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research,

National Institute for Environmental Studies) and Michikazu Kojima (IDE-JETRO)

15:10-15:25 Break

Panel Discussion
Facilitator : Michikazu Kojima
Panelist : Masachika Suzuki, Kittisak Sukvivatn, Rieko Kubota

              Susumu Yuzurio (Director, Energy and Mining Group, Industrial Development and Public Policy Dept., JICA)

              Etsuyo Michida (Environment and Natural Resource Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, IDE-JETRO)


Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese and English will be available


IDE-JETRO、United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (Environment Research and Technology Development Fund S-16)



Participation fee:


External Relations Division, Research Promotion Department, IDE-JETRO