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Impact of Rural Electrification on Children's Nutrition Status in Bangladesh

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February 18, 2016. (Thursday) 12:30-14:00


Impact of Rural Electrification on Children's Nutrition Status in Bangladesh


We study the impact of electrification in the nutrition status of children under five in rural Bangladesh. Using four rounds Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey data at individual level, adoption of electricity is found to positively affect children's nutritional status as measured by their height-for-age z-score, the results are robust after controlling for variables that are proxy of the household wealth status. The results are further supported by pseudo-panel analysis using two sets of synthetic data after taking the location specific effect and mother cohort specific effect into consideration. Our estimation results show that access to electricity helps improve the height-for-age of children by around 0.2 standard deviation. Another way to address the potential endogeneity problem is to use the indicators for quality of electricity service delivery and infrastructure development as instrumental variables for electrification status at household level. The positive and significant effect still holds with instrumental variable approach. We also discuss about the possible channels to achieve such an impact.


Tomoki Fujii (Singapore Management University (SMU))





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