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APL (Ajiken Power Lunch)

Coasian Economics Meets “三現主義”: From Methodology to Ontology

APL (Ajiken Power Lunch) is a lunchtime workshop open to public, including IDE staffs, visiting research fellows, IDEAS students, outside researchers and graduate students. This workshop provides a platform for presentation of any work in progress where we can discuss in either English or Japanese.

Those who would attend a seminar are asked to announce yourself to receptionists on your arrival at the IDE and to obtain APL Organizers' signature on your admission card after the seminar.


September 18, 2015. (Friday) 14:30-16:00


Coasian Economics Meets “三現主義”: From Methodology to Ontology


In this talk we explore the intellectual gains of trade between Coasian economics and “三現主義”as practiced at IDE. We first lay out the basic tenets of Coasian economics, particularly Coase’s views on methodology. It will become clear that Coasian economics and the traditional Japanese approach to social sciences, as represented by IDE’s “三現主義”, share some firm common ground in methodology. These common methodological convictions embolden or oblige us to rethink the practice of economics from an ontological perspective, that is, the nature of economics. In moving from methodology to ontology, we hope, on the one hand, to bring to light the theoretical underpinning and ramification of the Japanese approach in economic studies as represented by “三現主義”, and on the other hand, to articulate the revolutionary ambition of Coasian economics.


Ning Wang (VRF)



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