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Seminar & Events

International Symposium

Date Theme
March 1, 2017  (Wednesday) Responsible Business, Responsible Supply Chain "How should Japan act to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights? : A launch of multi stakeholders engagement for NAP process"
June 29, 2016  (Wednesday) Responsible Business, Responsible Supply Chain “How should Japan implement UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in its policy and practice?”
February 22, 2016  (Monday) Aid as External Economic Policy: Cases of Japan and China
May 22, 2015  (Friday) Development and Resources in Pacific Island Countries: A Sustainable Development and Strategies for Survival
March 19, 2015  (Thursday) “Evolving Sources of Value-added: Good-jobs, Bad-jobs?”
January 23, 2015  (Friday) “Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Future of Asia”
September 17, 2014  (Wednesday) “Changing the Arab Gulf States: Monarchy, Expatriate, and Economic Outlook in the Gulf”
December 4, 2013, (Wednesday) , December 5, 2013  (Thursday) 2 sessions in the Trade and Development Symposium (TDS) at Bali
November 18, 2013  (Monday) "Seeking Compatibility between Economic Growth and Social Justice : Focusing on the Experiences of The New Brazil"
September 19, 2013  (Thursday) “Meeting Standards, Winning Markets” – Opportunities and Challenges to East Asian Agri-food Trade towards Regional and Global Markets
July 5, 2013  (Friday) Global Value Chains: Quo Vadis?
January, 25, 2013  (Friday) China’s New Age: Towards Matured Society Structural Issues and Policy Options
November 29, 2012  (Thursday) On the Front Lines in the Fight against Deadly Diseases: Global Momentum from the Ground Up
May 25, 2012  (Friday) Sea Power in the Pacific
April 27, 2012  (Friday) FTA Symposium
January 31, 2012  (Tuesday) Political Change in the Middle East: Civil-military Relations, Democratization, and International Commitment
October 19, 2011  (Wednesday) A New Atlas on Global Value Chains - From Trade in Goods to Trade in Tasks
16th February 2011  (Wednesday) The Role of Governments for Economic Development in the 21st Century
Monday, October 18, 2010  (Monday) Regional Integration in East Asia and APEC
March 9, 2010  (Tuesday) The Frontier of BOP Business
December 1, 2009  (Tuesday) East Asia Beyond the Global Economic Crisis
December 9th, 2008  (Thursday) Engaging East Asian Integration-States, Markets and Movement of People-
March 4, 2008  (Thursday) Creation of the World’s Largest Business Space
November 29, 2007  (Thursday) Poverty Reduction and Beyond: Development Strategies for Low–Income Countries
March 13, 2007  (Thursday) Asia's Clothing Industry at a Crossroads amid Intensified Global Competition
December 20, 2006  (Wednesday) Rise of the Next Giants? : Anatomy of BRICs
15th and 16th December 2006  (Friday) Tradition, Environment and Publicness in Asia and the Middle East
December 8, 2005  (Thursday) International Symposium on Economic Integration in Asia and India: What is the Best Way of Regional
December 2, 2004  (Thursday) International Symposium "Globalization and Regional Integration – from the viewpoint of Spatial Econ