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Seminars & Events

Date Theme
November 15, 2016  (Tuesday) Tracing GHG Emissions in Global Value Chains: A New Horizon in a Post-Paris World
October 27, 2016  (Thursday) Social Implications of Trade and Development
August 28, 2016  (Sunday) Industrialisation, Private Sector Development and Economic Transformation in Africa: Challenge and Prosperity
November 19, 2015  (Thursday) SDGs and the role of research institutes: A dialogue with Professor Melissa Leach, Director of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK
09:00 - 13:45 on 15 October, 2015   (Thursday) Services Liberalization and Economic Development
October 9, 2015  (Friday) Half a Century of Indonesian Economic Development: Continuity and Change
October 1, 2015  (Thursday) Plugging in to the global agricultural value chain – a perspective from developing countries in Asia
September 30, 2015  (Wednesday) Enhancing Industry in Lao PDR; Services Liberalization, Simplification of Investment Procedures and Human Resources Development
April 20, 2015  (Monday) Policy Research Institute Conference on “Globalization and Equitable Development”
April 13, 2015  (Monday) "How Monopsonistic and Monopolistic Competition Affects Wage Disparities?"
March 20, 2015  (Friday) Ethical Consumer Movement in Global Era: Seeking for Constructive Dialogues between Business Entities and Civil Society
January 20, 2015  (Tuesday) IDE Conference: IDEC2015 "Labor and Employment in Developing Countries"
December 17, 2013  (Tuesday) The Global Migration Carousel and its Implications for Labor and Business: An Asian Perspective
October 3, 2013  (Thursday) Doha’s Impacts on LDCs: Listening to the Voices of Producers and Consumers
July 30, 2013  (Tuesday) Power Shifts in Middle East? Diplomatic Choices Facing Japan
June 28, 2013  (Friday) Prof. Thongchai Winichakul “Hyper-royalism: its Spell and Magic, its Origin and Possible End”
March 25, 2013  (Monday) Empirical Research based on Firm-level Data in China and Japan
November 7−8, 2012(Wed.-Thur.)  Islam and political dissent: Studies and comparisons from Asia and the Middle East
December 15, 2011  (Thursday) Human Trafficking in Great Mekong Sub-region: Slavery of Modern Day Revealed -Japanese Business Play Important Roles-
October 20, 2011  (Thursday) “Trade in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region: What Are the Main Barriers and What Are the Prospects for Future Liberalisation?”
January 11th , 2011  (Tuesday) Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes in the Post-Cold War Era
December 13th , 2010  (Monday) Re-thinking the Iranian Revolution: For a Future Prospect of Democratization
February 24 , 2010  (Wednesday) China-Korea-Japan Seminar on Africa "East Asia and Africa in the 21st Century"
January 18, 2010  (Monday) Secular States and Religions: The United States, France, and Turkey
November 22, 2007  (Thursday) Escaping from Catastrophe: Iraq, Libya, Ireland, Korea, and Iran
October 9th, 2007  (Thursday) Productivity and Growth in Africa and Asia
September 13th, 2007  (Thursday) Perspective on Growing Africa: From China and Japan
July 13, 2006  (Thursday) Party Politics and Democratization in Turkey