TANAKA Kiyoyasu

TANAKA Kiyoyasu

TANAKA Kiyoyasu
[Belonging・Position] Economic Integration Studies Group, Development Research Center
[Research Field] International economics, development economics, applied econometrics
[email] Kiyoyasu_Tanaka E-mail
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Previous research

My research topic focuses on economic globalization and other economic issues in developing economies. For instance, I have used micro data on Japanese firms to simulate how globalization affects foreign production by multinational firms. I have also used firm-level data in developing economies to examine how foreign direct investment affects local firms.

Current research projects

My current research topics are urbanization and the informal sector in developing economies and the impact of preferential trading arrangements on developing economies. For instance, I use microdata from Cambodia to investigate whether the informal sector contributes to economies of agglomeration. I also examine how the European Union’s trade policies affect industrial activity and labor in developing countries.