[Belonging・Position] Southeast Asian Studies Group I, Area Studies Center
[Research Field] Agricultural management, Thai economy
[email] Naoko_Takahashi E-mail
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Previous research

I joined the JETRO Institute of Developing Economies in 2021 after obtaining my master’s degree from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture. In my master’s program, I studied business development and management strategies related to family-farming businesses in Japan. In my present role, I work on issues involving Thailand, and my research interests include the economy, rural areas, and agriculture in Thailand.

Current research projects

I started researching Thailand after I joined the JETRO Institute of Developing Economies. Accordingly, I am trying to absorb knowledge on politics and the economy in Thailand and monitor the situation there carefully. Also, I am interested in the strategies and activities of agricultural enterprises, especially small farmers, as they respond to changes in the agricultural production environment, which is greatly affected by agricultural policies, global warming, and international logistics.