[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center South Asian Studies Group
[Research Field] Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Food Security
[email] masanori_matsuura E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

Prior to joining IDE-JETRO, I worked for a Japanese private think tank as an analyst and obtained MSc in Agricultural Economics at Graduate Institute of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University. My previous research includes climate change adaptation and technology adoption in rural Bangladesh, policy analysis in the Philippines and Zambia. Besides exploiting household data collected by international organizations, I have conducted a farm household survey in the Philippines.

Current research projects

I conduct empirical and quantitative research with both conducting household surveys including RCTs and exploiting nationally representative household data while I learn about economy, politics, and culture in Bangladesh. My research interests lie in farmers’ climate change adaptation and technology adoption, women empowerment, child malnutrition to cope with climate risk, inequality, hunger and poverty.

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