[Belonging・Position] Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Area studies (Chile), Latin American economy
[email] Koichi_Kitano E-mail
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Previous research

I have conducted research on the economy and politics of Latin American countries, with a particular focus on Chile. My economics research includes microeconomic analysis of industries and companies, macroeconomic analysis of monetary and fiscal policies, and studies on trade and foreign direct investment.

In connection with economic policy analysis, I have also conducted research on Chilean politics. In recent years, it has become increasingly important to take a regional research approach that comprehensively examines the political economy because social movements have become increasingly active with respect to economic issues such as pension reform and reducing income inequality.

Current research projects

I am conducting research that focuses on the internal organizations of companies and the relationships between companies in primary sector industries such as agriculture, forestry, and fisheries in Chile. Latin American countries are characterized by the strength of their vertical inter-company relationships based on a network of founding families, and I focus on the resulting differences in productivity among companies.

Like Japan, Chile frequently experiences earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. The coastal areas of the country’s central and southern regions were heavily damaged by a large earthquake in 2010, and I am studying the recovery efforts there, focusing mainly on the primary sector and infrastructure.