CHENG Wenyin

CHENG Wenyin

CHENG Wenyin
[Belonging・Position] Development Studies Center ・Economic Integration Studies Group
[Research Field] Innovation, Productivity, Global Value Chain, Chinese economy
[email] Wenyin_CHENG E-mail
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Previous research

I previously studied innovation, productivity, trade, environment, labor economics, etc. Most of my empirical research has been based on highly disaggregated micro-level big data. I have also developed some theoretical models: a model to measure the potential of domestic flying geese based on the productivity framework and welfare economics, a model to measure dynamic inclusive growth by improving the generalized Bernoulli-Nash social welfare function, a model to capture the impact of global and domestic value chains in a general equilibrium way, etc. All these models are applied to empirical analysis.

Current research projects

I am developing new productivity-related models in the context of global value chains. I am also engaged in constructing new Chinese input-output tables, which explicitly take into consideration the information on firm heterogeneity, such as firm size, firm ownership, and will be linked to the inter-country input-output tables. The new data will be applied to productivity and innovation analysis, together with other database, such as industrial firm data, customs data, and patent data.

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