IDE School on Urban and Regional Economics in Developing Countries for Young Economists

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If you have good mentors, new and hot research topics, and good students, summer school can create a new era of economics.

Professor Kyoji Fukao, the president of IDE stated in his opening remarks at IDE School. Professor Fukao emphasised the significance of academic exchange and interaction over generation for further development of research.

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IDE-JETRO organised 'IDE School' from 28th of May 2018 to 30th of May 2018. Professor Jacques François Thisse (Universite Catholique de Louvain/IDE) has taken initiative of developing the school program, we have hosted seventeen excellent young economists as participants mainly from East Asia, North America and Europe. Their diversified research interests have been well expressed and discussed during their research presentations.

Importantly we fortunately have had wonderful lecturers and commentators; Professor Gilles Duranton (Warton School, University of Pennsylvania), Professor Diego Puga (Center for Monetary and Financial Studies, Spain), Professor Tetsuji Okazaki (University of Tokyo, Japan), Professor Kentaro Nakajima (Hitotsubashi University, Japan) and Professor Yukako Ono (Keio University, Japan). From IDE-JETRO, Dr. Yoshihiro Hashiguchi has taken his role as a lecturer.

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IDE-JETRO will organise academic conferences and other outreach programs in various research fields that accommodate researchers and experts globally in order to stimulate visible research accumulation and to develop broader and deeper research networks.

Noburu Yoshida (Research Planning Department, IDE-JETRO)


May 28, 2018 (Monday) - 30 (Wednesday)


Institute of Developing Economies

List of participants: IDE School for Urban and Regional Economics in Developing Countries for Young Economists




Title of the paper

Akira Sasahara

Assistant Professor

College of Business and Economics, University of Idaho

Spatial Income Inequality, Spatial Frictions, and Endogenous Occupational Choice

Tanner Regan

PhD Candidate

London School of Economics and Political Science

Building the city: urban transition and institutional frictions

Hangtian Xu

Associate Professor

School of Economics and Trade, Funan University

Why do cities providing more public housings face higher vacancy rate? Some facts from Japan

Jian Wang

Assitant Professor

Department of Economics, Business School, Shanghai University

The Denser You Live, The Less Birth You Give

Lumin Shen

PhD Candidate

Zhejiang University Sea reclamation, resource curse or resources gospel?

Hayato Kato

 Research Fellow (PD)

Faculty of Economics, Keio University

The Impact of a Natural Disaster on Foreign Direct Investment and Vertical Linkages

Chigusa Okamoto

 PhD Student

Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo

Neighborhood externalities from one-room apartments

Yong You

 PhD Candidate

 Zhejiang University

not present a paper

Ye Liu

PhD Candidate

Zhejiang University

Entrepreneurship and Industrial Clusters: Evidence from China Industrial Census

Aysenur Aydinbakar

PhD Candidate

Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Living Arrangement and Mother’s Employment in Japan

Lianming Zhu 

Assistant Professor

Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

Does Foreign Direct Investment Lead to Industrial Agglomeration?

Takeru Sugasawa 

PhD Candidate

Graduate School of Economics and Management Tohoku University

The accessibility to the nearest urban metropolitan area and rural poverty in Japan

Heejin Kim

PhD Candidate

Department of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

not present a paper

Mehdi Bida 

PhD student in Geography

University of Lausanne

not present a paper

Yoko Sakamoto 

PhD Student

Graduate School of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Product Life-Cycle, Innovation and Agglomeration (Overview)

Hyoung Suk Shim

Assistant Professor in Finance & Business Data Analytics

School of Business, College of Staten Island,City University New York

Non-monocentric Household Location Choice

Keitaro Ninomiya 

MA Student

Kobe University

not present a paper