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With a view to carrying out international research exchanges with research and educational institutions abroad, and thereby to promote the mutual stimulation and improvement of each other’s research undertakings, the IDE-JETRO is endeavoring to conclude agreements on research exchanges with outstanding research and educational institutions abroad.

List of Agreements on Research Exchange

The Global Development Network (GDN) is a network that links policy and research institutions as well as researchers in both developing countries and advanced countries, which was established with the purpose of enabling researchers and practitioners to share knowledge concerning development, and to fill in the gaps between the activities of those involved in the implementation of development policies and those of people studying such policies. The IDE is a member of GDN-Japan, for which the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) serves as the hub. The Institute uses the regular meetings of GDN-Japan as well as the annual conference of GDN not only as opportunities to strengthen the networks between researchers and between research institutions, but also as opportunities to keep up to date on the latest international research trends and to identify possible needs for future research. We are also active in screening papers submitted for the Development Award sponsored by GDN.