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FY 2015/2016 Research Topic: A-1-1
Sisi's Egypt: Resurgence of Authoritarian Order and its Prospect


Although almost 2 years have passed since President Morsi was ousted from power, the transition process is not yet complete. Therefore, in this research project, we continue to analyze the transition process in Egypt and the prospects for Sisi’s regime.
To date, the regime has shown few signs of improvement in stabilizing the political and security situation. In particular, the repressive policies of the Sisi administration have resulted in confusion in the political scene. Moreover, in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, the government is still struggling to deal with a persistent campaign of violence by Jihadist groups.
On the other hand, some progress seems to have been made in the economic field. The Sisi administration carried out bold economic reforms just after its start. In addition, the government hosted a big international investment conference in March 2015, at which many investment agreements and MOUs were concluded between the Egyptian government and foreign investors.
Based on an analysis of last year, we will analyze the upcoming parliamentary election as well as the prospects for the Sisi regime this year. We focus on the topics of reconstruction of a governance structure, influence of the judiciary, economic recovery policy, external policy, and confrontation with the Islamic movement.


April 2015 - March 2016

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] TSUCHIYA Ichiki
[ Co-researchers ] INO Takeji (Professor, Wayo Women's University)
[ Co-researchers ] IWASAKI Erina (Professor, Sophia University)
[ Co-researchers ] KANAYA Misa (Research Fellow, Middle East Institute of Japan)
[ Co-researchers ] IDO Yuko (PhD Student, University of Tokyo)
[ Co-researchers ] SUZUKI Emi (Researcher, Waseda University)
[ Co-researchers ] TAKEMURA Kazuaki (PhD Student, University of Tokyo)
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