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FY 2014/2015 Research Topic: C-07
The Society of the Muslim Brothers and International Linkage of Islamic Movements


The Society of the Muslim Brothers, an Islamic movement with a long history (founded in 1928) and extensive international network, is attracting close attention again after the so-called “Arab revolution” and subsequent electoral victory in Egypt, as well as for its consolidated ties among Islamic parties in Palestine, Turkey and Tunisia. This project focuses on the international dimensions of the Society of the Muslim Brothers by analyzing the links between the Muslim Brothers and various political and religious movements in different regions (Egypt, Palestine, Maghreb and Kuwait), which had to take the regional characteristics and contexts into consideration. In doing so, we will discuss the ideological and organizational impact of the movement in the Middle East, going beyond the traditional framework of the domestic studies in each country.


April 2013 - March 2015

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] WATANABE Shoko
[ Co-researchers ] ISHIGURO Hirotake
YOKOTA Takayuki (Associate Professor, College of International Relations, Nihon University)
NISHIKIDA Aiko (Associate Professor, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)