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The Developing Economies

Volume 47, Number 1 (March 2009)

The Developing Economies ■ The Developing Economies Volume 47, Number 1 (March 2009)
■ B5
■ 105pp.
■ Published in March 2009
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Original Articles
Sources of Income Differences across Chinese Provinces during the Reform Period: A Development Accounting Exercise / Rui HAO, Zheng WEI
Page 1-29

Macroeconomic Performance and Inequality: Brazil, 1983–1994 / Manoel BITTENCOURT
Page 30-52

Partial Dollarization, Exchange Rates, and Firm Investment in Paraguay / John SERIEUX
Page 53-80

Impacts of Trade Liberalization on Employment in Vietnam: A System Generalized Method of Moments of Estimation / Tran Nhuan KIEN, Yoon HEO
Page 81-103

Book Reviews
Globalization, Development and Transition: Conversations with Eminent Economists by Brian Snowdon / Hiroki Nogami
Page 104-106

The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Are Falling Down and What Can Be Done about It by Paul Collier / Takahiro Fukunishi
Page 106-109

Agricultural R&D in the Developing World: Too Little, Too Late? Edited by Philip G. Pardey, Julian M. Alston, and Roley R. Piggott / Kazunari Tsukada
Page 109-112

The Dynamics of Regional Development: The Philippines in East Asia Edited by Arsenio M. Balisacan and Hal Hill / Ian Coxhead
Page 113-115

Privatization in Malaysia: Regulation, Rent-Seeking and Policy Failure by Jeff Tan / Akihito Aihara
Page 116-119

Books Received for Review
Books Received for Review (Nov. 2007–Oct. 2008)
Page 120-122