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The Developing Economies

Volume 46, Number 3 (September 2008)

The Developing Economies ■ The Developing Economies Volume 46, Number 3 (September 2008)
■ B5
■ 105pp.
■ Published in September 2008
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Original Articles
Dynamic Output Response Revisited: The Indian Cash Crops / Sunil KANWAR, Elisabeth SADOULET
Page 217-241

Technical Efficiency and Productivity Potential of Cocoa Farmers in West African Countries / Joachim Nyemeck BINAM, Jim GOCKOWSKI, Guy Blaise NKAMLEU
Page 242-263

Do Foreign Currency Deposits Promote or Deter Financial Intermediary Development in Low-Income Countries? An Empirical Analysis of Cross-Country Data / Koji KUBO
Page 264-289

Delays in Stabilization or in Reforms? The Debt Crisis / Carlos ALBERTO CINQUETTI, Ricardo GONÇALVES SILVA
Page 290-314

Book Reviews
The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth By Barry Naughton / Dwight H. Perkins
Page 315-317

The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good By William Easterly / Tatsufumi Yamagata
Page 317-321

Challenges of CAFTA: Maximizing the Benefits for Central America By Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Daniel Lederman, Maurizio Bussolo, David Gould, and Andrew Mason / Don P. Clark
Page 321-324

A Basket Currency for Asia Edited by Takatoshi Ito / Woosik Moon
Page 324-327

Health, Economic Development and Household Poverty: From Understanding to Action Edited by Sara Bennett, Lucy Gilson, and Anne Mills / Hiroko Uchimura
Page 327-329