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The Developing Economies

Volume 45, Number 3 (September 2007)

The Developing Economies ■ The Developing Economies Volume 45, Number 3 (September 2007)
■ B5
■ 105pp.
■ Published in September 2007
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Original Articles
Exchange Market Pressure, Monetary Policy, and Economic Growth: Argentina, 1993-2004 / Clara GARCÍA and Nuria MALET
Page 253-282

Do Markets Penalize Agency Conflicts between Controlling and Minority Shareholders? Evidence from Chile / Fernando LEFORT and Eduardo WALKER
Page 283-314

The Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate and Malaysian Macroeconomic Dynamics / Mansor H. IBRAHIM
Page 315-338

Governance Institutions and Private Investment: An Application to the Middle East and North Africa / Ahmet Faruk AYSAN, Mustapha Kamel NABLI, and Marie-Ange VÉGANZONÈS-VAROUDAKIS
Page 339-377

Book Reviews
Cluster-Based Industrial Development: An East Asian Model by Tetsushi Sonobe and Keijiro Otsuka / Nobuaki Hamaguchi
Page 378-380

Multinationals and Economic Growth in East Asia: Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Strategies and National Economic Development edited by Shujiro Urata, Chia Siow Yue, and Fukunari Kimura / Eric D. Ramstetter
Page 381-383

Changing Lanes in China: Foreign Direct Investment, Local Governments, and Auto Sector Development by Eric Thun / Moriki Ohara
Page 383-386

Federalism, Fiscal Authority, and Centralization in Latin America by Alberto Diaz-Cayeros / Takeshi Kawanaka
Page 386-390