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The Developing Economies

The Developing Economies

An English-language journal

Quarterly / B5 /

Middle East Review

Middle East Review

Japanese / English
Japanese title: Chuto Rebyu (Web magazine)

In Japanese

Asian Economies Asian Economies

Japanese title: Ajia Keizai (Quarterly)
Ajiken World Trends Ajiken World Trends

Japanese title: Ajiken Warudo Torendo (Monthly)
Yearbook of Asian Affairs Yearbook of Asian Affairs

Japanese title: Ajia Doko Nempo (Annually)
The Contemporary Middle East The Contemporary Middle East

Japanese title: Gendai no Chuto (Biannually)
Latin America Report Latin America Report

Japanese title: Raten America Repoto (Biannually)
Africa Report Africa Report

Japanese title: Afurika Repoto (Web magazine)