Trade Matrix for Asia-Pacific Region 2000  

Statistical Data


■ Trade Matrix for Asia-Pacific Region 2000
■ Edited by Institute of Developing Economies
■ 3,564円(本体価格 3,300円)
■ 224pp
■ Published in 2003
■ ISBN4-258-12085-5


Preface / TOIDA Mitsuru

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Format of the Matrices
1.3 Commodity Classification
1.4 Countries
1.5 Special Accounts
1.6 Notes on Indonesian and Korean Imports
1.7 Trade Specialization Coefficient
Figure1.1 Image of the Trade Matrices (Exports)
Figure1.2 Image of the Trade Matrices (Imports)
Figure1.3 Image of the Trade Specialization Coefficient Matrices
Table1.1 Commodity Classification

Table2.1 Export Trade Matrix (Total)
Table2.2 Export Trade Matrix (Total)
Table2.3 Export Trade Matrix (4 sectors)
Table2.4 Export Trade Matrix (4 sectors)
Table2.5 Export Trade Matrix (20 sectors)
Table2.6 Export Trade Matrix (20 sectors)
Table2.7 Export Trade Matrix (62 sectors)
Table2.8 Export Trade Matrix (62 sectors)

Table3.1 Trade Specialization Coefficient (Total)
Table3.2 Trade Specialization Coefficient (4 sectors)
Table3.3 Trade Specialization Coefficient (20 sectors)
Table3.4 Trade Specialization Coefficient (62 sectors)