World Trade Data System : Arrangement and its Application  

Statistical Data


■ World Trade Data System : Arrangement and its Application
■ Edited by Soshichi Kinoshita, NODA Yosuke
■ 213pp
■ Published in 1995



Chapter 1. International Trade Statistics and Export Unit Price Deflator: towards a world trade model / Soshichi Kinoshita

Chapter 2. The Use and Application of Foreign Trade Data at the United Nations / Itsuo Kawamura

Chapter 3. The Trade Statistics of International Organizations / Hideki Hiraizumi

Chapter 4. Commodity Classifications in Trade Statistics / Yasuko Yamamoto

Chapter 5. Correlating and Convering Classifications of Disparate Systems: an attempt at commodity classification conversion using grouping and cutting / Yosuke Noda, Yasuko Yamamoto

Chapter 6. The Division and Unification of Nations: applying temporal data models / Hidekiyo Sakamoto

Chapter 7. Fundamental Concepts of Summary Data and Inferences in Their Databases: using a world trade database as an example / Hideto Sato