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IDE Library

Digital Archives

IDE Digital Archives aims to provide access to the full text of IDE Publications and rare materials from our collections.
    ARRIDEARRIDE is the IDE’s institutional repository to collect, preserve, and disseminate its research outputs. These research outputs can be searched through international metadata portal sites, including RePEc, OAISter, and JAIRO (National Institute of Informatics) and Google Scholar, as well as through search engines such as "Google" and Yahoo!.

    The AIDE is an electronic storehouse of published materials covering a wide range of issues for developing countries. You can search and download the full text of articles of IDE publications.

    asia db

    A searchable database of an analytical overview in full-text on yearly economic and political affairs in Asian countries over 40 years. The site also provides key economic statistics. (Japanese Only)


    Digital archives of archival materials concerning Japanese colonial government during WWII, such as the Governor-General of Korea, the Governor-General of Taiwan, and the State of Manchuria. The site also features selected digital images from the South Manchuria Railway Company. (Japanese Only)


    The site features 1,200 digital images from archival records of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Showa Kensyukai, and the Japanese Military Administration on Southeastern Asia, which were collected by Kishi Koichi, a former IDE researcher. This collection is a part of digital archives "Japan in Modern Asia". (Japanese Only)


    The electronic versions of publications resulting from the research project conducted by IDE, on behalf of the United Nations University. The objective of the project was to contribute to an understanding of the process of technological development in Japan as a case study.


    The site contains photographic images taken by researchers of IDE during the research trips in 1960s. (Japanese Only)