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Seminars & Events

Date Theme
March 17, 2017.  (Friday) 1) The Valuation of Changes in Commuting Distances: An Analysis using Georeferenced Data; 2) Reexamining Persistency of Population Shocks: Evidence from the Occupation of West Germany after WWII
March 16, 2017.  (Thursday) The role of research in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
March 9, 2017.  (Thursday) COMPARATIVE MODELS OF UNIVERSITIES –trends, social and oganizational pathways
March 1, 2017  (Wednesday) Responsible Business, Responsible Supply Chain "How should Japan act to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights? : A launch of multi stakeholders engagement for NAP process"
February 28, 2017.  (Tuesday) Frugal Innovation, Global Value Chains and Local Economic Development
February 27, 2017.  (Monday) Boostrapping growth in Latin America: O&G local content policy and the emergence of a new corporate production system
February 24, 2017.  (Friday) The Quality of Distance: Quality Sorting, Alchian-Allen Effect, and Geography
February 10, 2017.  (Friday) Love, Life, and "Leftover Ladies" in Urban China: Marriage Matching under Massive Social Changes
January 27, 2017.  (Friday) Geopolitical Aspects of Demodernization
January 27, 2017.  (Friday) Which Tail Matters? Inequality and Growth in Brazil
January 18, 2017.  (Wednesday) Stories and Statistics: Social Identity, Life-Threatening Risks, the Study of Political Violence (Gunes Murat Tezcur) / Gender studies and socoal science (TBA) (Zeynep Kaya)
January 16, 2017.  (Monday) TICAD in the context of the Development Cooperation Charter of 2015
January 12, 2017.  (Thursday) Federalism and institutional change in Brazil, 1891-2016
December 13, 2016.  (Tuesday) Willingness to Accept Compensation for Ambient Large-scale Broiler Farm Air Pollution
December 7, 2016.  (Wednesday) The Economics of Helicopter Money
November 24, 2016.  (Thursday) Private Standards in the Context of Global Governance (APL Seminar Series on Global Governance)
November 15, 2016  (Tuesday) Tracing GHG Emissions in Global Value Chains: A New Horizon in a Post-Paris World
October 28, 2016.  (Friday) The Social inclusion of Syrian refugees in Turkey
October 27, 2016  (Thursday) Social Implications of Trade and Development
October 20, 2016.  (Thursday) Examining the impact of insurance on healthcare utilisation and provider choice using a natural experiment in South Africa
October 4, 2016.  (Tuesday) Development and Environmental Challenge for Caribbean SIDS (Small Island Developing State)
September 27, 2016.  (Tuesday) Urbanization and Economic Development: A Tale of Two Barriers
September 15, 2016.  (Thursday) Socio-economic and socio-political trends in the GCC
August 28, 2016  (Sunday) Industrialisation, Private Sector Development and Economic Transformation in Africa: Challenge and Prosperity
August 18, 2016.  (Thursday) Perceptions of Japan's GGP Projects and Local Politics in Uganda
August 4, 2016.  (Thursday) Political Representation, Redistribution, and Regional Development: Assessing the Development Rationale for Legislative Malapportionment in Brazil
August 3, 2016.  (Wednesday) #CANCELED# Book Launch "A World of Three Cultures: Honor, Achievement and Joy"
July 20, 2016.  (Wednesday) Sustainable Development Goals and Millennium Development Goals: an analysis of the shaping and negotiation process
July 14, 2016.  (Thursday) The Emancipatory Power of Basic Income: An Optimistic Note from Indian Experience
June 29, 2016  (Wednesday) Responsible Business, Responsible Supply Chain “How should Japan implement UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in its policy and practice?”
June 27, 2016.  (Monday) Regional Inequality in India
June 10, 2016.  (Friday) International Mobility, Global Capitalism, and Changing Structures of Accumulation: Transforming the Japan-India IT Relationship
May 27, 2016.  (Friday) Is this the end of the road? Will life-time earnings for the average female ever lift to 66 cents in the average male dollar?
May 26, 2016.  (Thursday) Price Competition in Product Variety Networks
May 24, 2016.  (Tuesday) Cross-Border Skills Education in Environmental and Natural Resources Law as a New Field of Expertise in Asia
May 19, 2016.  (Thursday) Temporary Jobs and Globalization
April 28, 2016.  (Thursday) The Hidden Skills Africa Needs Now to Achieve Agenda 2063: Focus on Youth.
March 31, 2016.  (Thursday) China's Quality Competition in Manufacturing Sectors: Evidence from Guangdong Province
February 25, 2016.  (Thursday) <How to produce green subject?> Technology, power and conflict in a geothermal project in Central Rift Valley, Kenya
February 22, 2016  (Monday) Aid as External Economic Policy: Cases of Japan and China
February 19, 2016.  (Friday) Indonesian Science and Technology and Innovation Development under New Administration Changes
February 18, 2016.  (Thursday) Impact of Rural Electrification on Children's Nutrition Status in Bangladesh
February 16, 2016.  (Tuesday) An Empirical Assessment of Defensive Innovation to Chinese Import Competition in Japan
February 12, 2016.  (Friday) Macroeconomic Foundation for Structural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa
February 4, 2016.  (Thursday) Short and Longer Run Impacts of Kaizen Management Training: The Case in Tanzania
January 29, 2016.  (Friday) China’s OBOR Initiative and its Implication to Australia Economy
January 27, 2016.  (Wednesday) The effect of economic statecraft on public opinion: the case of the Russia-Ukraine gas disputes
January 21, 2016.  (Thursday) The Changing Dimensions of India-Japan Partnership: Strategic and Economic
January 14, 2016.  (Thursday) A simple model of the Chinese Hukou System and some ongoing reforms
December 21, 2015.  (Monday) Democracy-growth dynamics for richer and poorer countries
December 15, 2015.  (Tuesday) The Skill Structure of Export Wage Premium: Evidence from Chinese Matched Employer-employee Data
December 11, 2015.  (Friday) What African Development Post-2015: Insights from Global Governance & Human Security
November 26, 2015.  (Thursday) The rise and fall of multinational enterprises in Vietnam: survival analysis using census data during 2000-2011
November 19, 2015  (Thursday) SDGs and the role of research institutes: A dialogue with Professor Melissa Leach, Director of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK
November 19, 2015.  (Thursday) The impact of Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authority Reform on Tax Buoyancy: Empirical Evidence from Malawi's Tax System
November 16, 2015.  (Monday) Can Solar Lanterns Improve Youth Academic Performance? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
October 29, 2015.  (Thursday) Nomadic Computation: Analysis of African Pastoralism Using Agent-Based Modeling and Satellite Imagery
October 16, 2015.  (Friday) Limits to Economic Growth and the Effect of Redistribution in Mexico
09:00 - 13:45 on 15 October, 2015   (Thursday) Services Liberalization and Economic Development
October 15, 2015.  (Thursday) Is there a Trade-off between Employment and Productivity?
October 13, 2015.  (Tuesday) China vs. Europe and Japan: a Comparative Institutional Analysis of China’s Institution, Its Origin and Its Evolution
October 9, 2015  (Friday) Half a Century of Indonesian Economic Development: Continuity and Change
October 1, 2015  (Thursday) Plugging in to the global agricultural value chain – a perspective from developing countries in Asia
October 1, 2015.  (Thursday) Air pollution and food prices: Evidence from Beijing, China
September 30, 2015  (Wednesday) Enhancing Industry in Lao PDR; Services Liberalization, Simplification of Investment Procedures and Human Resources Development
September 18, 2015.  (Friday) Coasian Economics Meets “三現主義”: From Methodology to Ontology
September 9, 2015.  (Wednesday) Making International Aid Effective: An Agenda for Aligning Aid to Social Business
September 4, 2015.  (Friday) The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War
August 17, 2015.  (Monday) Risk-Taking, Market Selection and Income Mobility:Theory and Applications
August 3, 2015.  (Monday) Do Place-Based Policies Work? Micro-Level Evidence from China's Economic Zones Program
July 23, 2015.  (Thursday) Is car-steel’s fate in the hands of China’s fate? an input-output based material flow analysis of car-steel in China
July 21, 2015.  (Tuesday) Double for Nothing? Experimental Evidence on the Impact of an Unconditional Teacher Salary Increase on Student Performance in Indonesia
July 17, 2015.  (Friday) Economic and Corruption Voting under a Predominant Party System
July 13, 2015.  (Monday) The Wage Premiums for Exporters and Multinational Enterprises: Evidence from Japanese Linked Employer-Employee Data
July 6, 2015.  (Monday) Benefits of Home Currency Invoicing
June 12, 2015.  (Friday) Governance and oil: The case of Turkana, Kenya
June 8, 2015.  (Monday) Measuring and Interpreting China's TFP Performance - An Industry Perspective
June 8, 2015.  (Monday) (1) Subaltern Urbanisation and Development Impasse in Bihar, India (2) Growth, Inequality and Poverty in India
June 5, 2015.  (Friday) Assortative Matching of Exporters and Importers (with Kensuke Teshima and Enrique Seira)
May 22, 2015  (Friday) Development and Resources in Pacific Island Countries: A Sustainable Development and Strategies for Survival
May 21, 2015.  (Thursday) FEEDING THE DRAGON: China & Natural Resource Development in Oceania
May 20, 2015.  (Wednesday) 'From Global Savings Glut to Financing Infrastructure: The Advent of Investment Platforms' (with Rabah Arezki, Patrick Bolton, Frederic Samama, and Joseph Stiglitz) 
May 19, 2015.  (Tuesday) Increasing Environmental Performance in a Context of Low Governmental Enforcement: Evidence From China
May 18, 2015.  (Monday) The Persistence of Low Long-Term Interest Rates in the U.S.
April 23, 2015.  (Thursday) 'Developing Countries participation in Global Value Chains - implications for trade and trade related policies'
April 20, 2015  (Monday) Policy Research Institute Conference on “Globalization and Equitable Development”
April 15, 2015.  (Wednesday) Misallocation, Productivity, and Trade Liberalization: The Case of Vietnamese Manufacturing (with Doan Thi Thanh Ha)
April 13, 2015  (Monday) "How Monopsonistic and Monopolistic Competition Affects Wage Disparities?"
March 20, 2015  (Friday) Ethical Consumer Movement in Global Era: Seeking for Constructive Dialogues between Business Entities and Civil Society
March 19, 2015  (Thursday) “Evolving Sources of Value-added: Good-jobs, Bad-jobs?”
January 23, 2015  (Friday) “Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Future of Asia”
January 20, 2015  (Tuesday) IDE Conference: IDEC2015 "Labor and Employment in Developing Countries"
October 1, 2014  (Wednesday) Entrance Ceremony of 25th Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS), JETRO
September 17, 2014  (Wednesday) “Changing the Arab Gulf States: Monarchy, Expatriate, and Economic Outlook in the Gulf”
December 17, 2013  (Tuesday) The Global Migration Carousel and its Implications for Labor and Business: An Asian Perspective
December 4, 2013, (Wednesday) , December 5, 2013  (Thursday) 2 sessions in the Trade and Development Symposium (TDS) at Bali
November 18, 2013  (Monday) "Seeking Compatibility between Economic Growth and Social Justice : Focusing on the Experiences of The New Brazil"
October 3, 2013  (Thursday) Doha’s Impacts on LDCs: Listening to the Voices of Producers and Consumers
October 2, 2013  (Wednesday) Entrance Ceremony of 24th Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS), JETRO
September 19, 2013  (Thursday) “Meeting Standards, Winning Markets” – Opportunities and Challenges to East Asian Agri-food Trade towards Regional and Global Markets
July 30, 2013  (Tuesday) Power Shifts in Middle East? Diplomatic Choices Facing Japan
July 5, 2013  (Friday) Global Value Chains: Quo Vadis?
June 28, 2013  (Friday) Prof. Thongchai Winichakul “Hyper-royalism: its Spell and Magic, its Origin and Possible End”
March 25, 2013  (Monday) Empirical Research based on Firm-level Data in China and Japan
January, 25, 2013  (Friday) China’s New Age: Towards Matured Society Structural Issues and Policy Options
November 29, 2012  (Thursday) On the Front Lines in the Fight against Deadly Diseases: Global Momentum from the Ground Up
November 7−8, 2012(Wed.-Thur.)  Islam and political dissent: Studies and comparisons from Asia and the Middle East
October 2, 2012  (Tuesday) Entrance Ceremony of 23rd Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS), JETRO
May 25, 2012  (Friday) Sea Power in the Pacific
April 27, 2012  (Friday) FTA Symposium
January 31, 2012  (Tuesday) Political Change in the Middle East: Civil-military Relations, Democratization, and International Commitment
December 15, 2011  (Thursday) Human Trafficking in Great Mekong Sub-region: Slavery of Modern Day Revealed -Japanese Business Play Important Roles-
November 2, 2011  (Wednesday) Entrance Ceremony of the 22nd Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS), JETRO
October 20, 2011  (Thursday) “Trade in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region: What Are the Main Barriers and What Are the Prospects for Future Liberalisation?”
October 19, 2011  (Wednesday) A New Atlas on Global Value Chains - From Trade in Goods to Trade in Tasks
16th February 2011  (Wednesday) The Role of Governments for Economic Development in the 21st Century
January 11th , 2011  (Tuesday) Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes in the Post-Cold War Era
December 13th , 2010  (Monday) Re-thinking the Iranian Revolution: For a Future Prospect of Democratization
Monday, October 18, 2010  (Monday) Regional Integration in East Asia and APEC
October 5, 2010  (Thursday) Entrance Ceremony of the 21st Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS), JETRO
March 10, 2010  (Wednesday) IDEAS 20th Anniversary Workshop
March 9, 2010  (Tuesday) The Frontier of BOP Business
February 24 , 2010  (Wednesday) China-Korea-Japan Seminar on Africa "East Asia and Africa in the 21st Century"
January 18, 2010  (Monday) Secular States and Religions: The United States, France, and Turkey
December 1, 2009  (Tuesday) East Asia Beyond the Global Economic Crisis
October 5, 2009  (Monday) Entrance Ceremony of the 20th Academic Year of IDE Advanced School (IDEAS) JETRO
December 9th, 2008  (Thursday) Engaging East Asian Integration-States, Markets and Movement of People-
March 4, 2008  (Thursday) Creation of the World’s Largest Business Space
November 29, 2007  (Thursday) Poverty Reduction and Beyond: Development Strategies for Low–Income Countries
November 22, 2007  (Thursday) Escaping from Catastrophe: Iraq, Libya, Ireland, Korea, and Iran
October 9th, 2007  (Thursday) Productivity and Growth in Africa and Asia
September 13th, 2007  (Thursday) Perspective on Growing Africa: From China and Japan
March 13, 2007  (Thursday) Asia's Clothing Industry at a Crossroads amid Intensified Global Competition
December 20, 2006  (Wednesday) Rise of the Next Giants? : Anatomy of BRICs
15th and 16th December 2006  (Friday) Tradition, Environment and Publicness in Asia and the Middle East
July 13, 2006  (Thursday) Party Politics and Democratization in Turkey
December 8, 2005  (Thursday) International Symposium on Economic Integration in Asia and India: What is the Best Way of Regional
December 2, 2004  (Thursday) International Symposium "Globalization and Regional Integration – from the viewpoint of Spatial Econ