[Belonging・Position] Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Chief Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Chinese Economy
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Previous research

My research focuses on the economic policies of the Chinese Communist Party. I have analyzed changes in the approach to macroeconomic policy and the process of developing and reforming fiscal and financial systems that are discussed in government activity reports for past Communist Party Congresses, the party’s Central Committee general assemblies, annual Central Economic Work Conferences, and National People’s Congresses as well as in the party’s monthly Central Committee Political Bureau meetings, the State Council’s executive meetings, and past Five-Year Plans. I have also conducted comparative research on the party leadership’s guiding principles for economic policy. Because China is known as a people’s republic, when a change of leadership occurs, the country’s approach to economic policy also changes dramatically, and new guiding principles are proposed. I believe that carefully deciphering this process will greatly contribute to understanding not only the Chinese economy, but also China’s politics and society.

Current research projects

One of my research topics is to analyze changes in the direction of economic policy in China based on the 14th Five-Year Plan, which started in 2021. China considers that the first goal of the “hundred-year struggle”—full realization of a moderately well-off society—was achieved in 2021 and it is now moving toward the second goal of full realization of a modernized socialist state. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze and examine the contents of this new Five-Year Plan.

Another research topic concerns Xi Jinping’s idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, which is a guiding principle of his economic ideology. This was announced at the 19th Party Convention in 2017, when Xi Jinping was still in the process of formulating his economic ideas. Therefore, it is extremely important to clarify the difference from previous guiding ideologies.