[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center ・Director-General
[Research Field] Latin American economy and agricultural development
[email] Tatsuya_Shimizu E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

I have been researching how Latin American economies are changing in response to economic liberalization and globalization, with a particular focus on the agricultural sector. I analyze agricultural production and the entire food system, including organization, finance, technology adaption, processing, distribution, and marketing. In the past, I have researched the development of the fresh fruit and vegetable export industry and the broiler industry in Peru as well as the organization and management of large-scale grain producers in Brazil and Argentina. The agricultural sector in Latin America continues to grow as one of the engines of economic growth and as an essential food supplier to the world.

In addition, based on my continous research in Peru, I provide information on Peru’s current political and economic situation.

Current research projects

I am researching the impact of digital transformation in Peru and Latin America. I am interested in the diffusion of electronic currencies and digital wallets, and the application of digital technologies to implement public investment projects.

In collaboration with other university professors, I am developing teaching materials for an undergraduate course on Latin American economics. The aim is to help students understand and form their own opinions on current issues in Latin America, including the conflict between agricultural development and environmental protection. We plan to prepare materials compatible with the Learning Management System and incorporate other online resources.