SATO Hiroshi

SATO Hiroshi

SATO Hiroshi
[Belonging・Position] Research Operations Department ・Chief Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Development Sociology, Area Study (Yemen, Eritrea), Japanese Development Experience

Education / Research Experience

Graduate from University of Tokyo(BA.Sociology), Mar.1981
Professional Career:
Enter IDE, Apr.1981
Visiting Researchers at Sana'a University (Yemen Arab Republic), 1985-1987
Special Assistant for Economic Cooperation at Japanese Embassy at Yemen Arab Republic, 1987-1988
Visiting Researchers at National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka, Japan), 1991-1992
Visiting Researcher at Sana'a University (Republic of Yemen), 1997-1999
Director in Charge, Development Studies Center, 2006.4-2007.3
Director-General , Research Promotion Department, 2007.4-2009.6
Chief Senior Economist , Trade and Economic Cooperation Departmenet, 2009.7-2010.3
Chief Senior Economist , Overseas Research Department, 2010.4-2010.6
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Brighton), 2010.7-2011.6
Director-General, International Exchange and Training Department, Secretary-General, IDEAS, 2011.7 -2012.3
Director-General, Research Planning Department, 2012.4 -2014.6
Chief Senior Researcher, Research Planning Department, 2014.7

Major Works

in English
in Japanese
  • "Sociology of Development Aid" Sekai-Shiso-Sha 2005
  • "Development Aid and Empowerment" IDE Economic Cooperation series. 2005
  • "Development Aid and Organizing the People" IDE Economic Cooperation series.2004
  • "Re-thinking of Participatory Development" IDE Economic Cooperation series.2003
  • "Development Aid and Social Capital" IDE Economic Cooperation series.2002
  • "Development Aid and Bangladesh" IDE Economic Cooperation series.1998
  • "Development Aid and Local Administration" IDE Economic Cooperation series.1996
  • "Development Aid and Indigenous Aspects of Local Society" IDE Economic Cooperation series.1995
  • "Development Aid and Its Social Impacts" IDE Economic Cooperation series.1994

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

The Japan Society for International Development (President)
The Japan Sociological Society
Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
The Japan Association of International Relations
Japan Association for Middle East Studies
Japan Association for International Health