Inter-disciplinary Studies Center・Chief Senior Researcher

Research Field:
Chinese Economy External Economic Policy of China Physical Distribution of China Regional Economic Development in China

Education / Research Experience

Graduate from School of Political Science and Ecoomics, Waseda Unversity, 1977
Professional Career:
Join IDE, 1977
Economic Attach of Japanese Embassy in PR China, 1986-1988
Research Fellow of Current Affairs Department, IDE, 1989
Associate Senior Research Fellow of Current Affairs Department, IDE, 1992
Visiting Research Fellow of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1997-2000
Senior Research Fellow of Area Studies Department, IDE, 2003.4
Deputy Director-General, Area Studies Center, 2003.10
Director-General, Area Studies Center, 2006.4
Director-General, JETRO Shanghai, 2008.4
Director-General, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2011.4
Chief Senior Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center, 2013.4

Major Works

  • China under the Xi Jinping "New Era", ed., IDE Selected Books No.50, 2019
  • "Development of China's One Belt One Road Initiative and Japan", Interim report of Policy Issue Research, 2018
  • "One Belt One Road" initiative; current situation and prospects, Interim report of Policy Issue Research, 2017
  • "Current status and problems of aviation transportation in China" In H. Ikegami ed. " Aviation cargo transportation and airports in Asia" IDE Selected Books No.44 ,2017
  • "Chinese Economy in the Xi Jinping Era", Current Affairs Report No.24, 2015
  • "Physical distribution in the urbanization in China" IN S. Amako and Z. Ren ed. "Urbanization in China", IDE Research Series 619, 2015
  • "China under Xi Jinping Regime: next dream after harmonious society", ed.,Current Affairs Report No.20, 2013
  • "Foresight and action assignment of Xi Jinping Regime: next dream after harmonious society", ed., Report of Spot Research Project on the website, 2013
  • "China’s grope toward harmonious society: action assignment of Hu Jintao Regime", ed., Current Affairs Report No.9, 2008
  • "New era of physical distribution in East Asia: ", co-ed., IDE Selected Books No.8, 2007
  • "New Development of Economic Relations between China and ASEAN: Entering an Era of Mutual Investments and FTAs", ed., IDE Research Series No.549, 2006
  • "Northeast Asia after Cold War: Groping for New International Relations", ed., IDE Research Series No.439, 1993
  • “Present state and problems of ports in Yangtze delta ”, “Asian marine transportation and ports in China, Korea and Taiwan” , ed. by Hiroshi IKEGAMI, IDE Selected Books No.35, 2013
  • "Relations between Actors of Physical Distribution Policy in China", "The Political Process in China: Structural Change and Diversified Actors" , ed., by Norihiro SASAKI, IDE Research Series No.547, 2005
  • "China's FTA Strategy and its Foreign Direct Investment", "East Asian FTA and Foreign Trade between Japan and China" , ed., by Chiharu TAMAMURA, IDE Selected Books No.4, 2007
  • "China's Challenge under Hu Jintao Regime: 11th Five-Year Plan and Sustainable Development", ed., Current Affairs Report No.1, 2006
  • "Subject-book of China's Military Terminology", ed., by Ikuo KAYAHARA, Sososha, 2006: joint author
  • "Basis of Chinese Defense Industry", "China's Military Potential in Nuclear, Missiles and Space Weapons" , ed. by Ikuo KAYAHARA, Sososha, 2002
  • "China will grow up Economic Giant beyond Japan", "Whither China Will Go? : Medium-term Prospects and Strategic Approach" , ed. by Ikuo KAYAHARA, Sososha, 2001
  • "China's New Leadership", ed., IDE Spot Survey No.26, 2003, IDE-JETRO
  • "China's Western Development Strategy: Issues and Prospects", ed., IDE Spot Survey No.22, 2001, IDE-JETRO
  • "One Country Two Systems: China's Dilemma", ed., IDE Spot Survey No.6, 2001

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

The Japan Association for Modern China Studies
Japanese Research Association for Chinese Economy
Japan Association for The Study of Japan-China Relations