[Belonging・Position] South Asian Studies Group, Area Studies Center
[Research Field] Contemporary Politics and Rural Development Administration in Indian. Comparative Politics, especially election analysis, etc.
[email] Norio_Kondo@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

Professional Career:
Institute of Developing Economies, 1981
Visiting Fellow, Indian Institute of Public Administration, 1986-1988
Area Studies Department I, 1988-2000
Director, Area Studies Center, 2006-2018
Other Information:
Visiting Fellow, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2004-2006

Major Works

  • Kondo, Norio, Indian Parliamentary Elections after Independence: Social Changes and Electoral Participation , Institute of Developing Economies, Chiba, 2003.
  • Norio Kondo, "The Backward Classes Movement and Reservation in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh", Mushirul Hasan and Nariaki Nakazato eds, The Unfinished Agenda: Nation-Building in South Asia , Manohar, New Delhi, 2001.
  • Kondo, Norio, Pant, N., and L. Pant, Role of The Government Bureaucracy And The Non-Governmental Organization in The Rural Development of India - A Case Study in A District in Northern India , (I.D.E. Joint Research Programme Series No. 105), Tokyo, Institute of Developing Economies, 1994.
  • KONDO Norio, "Economic Liberalisation and Evolution of Production Reservation System for Small-scale Industries in India", AJIA KEIZAI , Vol. 44, No. 11, November, 2003.
  • KONDO Norio, "Institutionalisation of Democracy in South Asia - A Comparative Study of Five Nations" (I) and (II), AJIA KEIZAI , Vol. 43, No. 11 and No. 12, November, 2002.
  • KONDO Norio, "Election and Party System in India's Democracy", KOKUSAISEIJI - Minami-Ajia no Kokka to Kokusaikannkei (Journal of The Japan Association of International Relations), No. 127, May, 2001.
  • KONDO Norio, "The Evolution of Centre-State Relations in India: Prospects of Cooperative Federalism", AJIA KEIZAI , Vol. 41, No. 10-11, October, November, 2000.
  • KONDO Norio, "Evolution of Integrated Rural Development Programme in India: From a Comprehensive Area Development Plan to a Poverty Alleviation Programme", (I), (II), AJIA KEIZAI , Vol. 39, No. 6, 7, June, July, 1998.
  • KONDO Norio, (ed.), "Contemporary International Politics in South Asia", Institute of Developing Economies, 1997.
  • KONDO Norio, "Rural Development and Village Politics - A Case Study of Two Villages in Northern India", Minami-Ajia Kenkyu , (Journal of The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies), No.6, October, 1994.
  • KONDO Norio and SATO Hiroshi (co-authors), "State Bureaucracy and Social Change in India and Malaysia", Institute of Developing Economies, 1986.

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies

The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies, The Japan Association of International Relations, Japan Association of Comparative Politics