[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center ・Chief Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Industrial development in Taiwan and East Asian economies
[email] Momoko_Kawakamia E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

Over the past three decades, I have conducted empirical research of economic globalization and industrial development in East Asia, with a particular focus on Taiwan. My research has covered the automobile, footwear, machine tools, electronics, and semiconductor industries. In my PhD dissertation and monograph, I investigated the firm-level learning mechanisms and growth strategies of Taiwanese notebook computer contract manufacturers in global production networks. I have also published book chapters and journal articles on Taiwanese family-owned big business groups, corporate governance reforms and innovation policies in Taiwan, and more recently the China–Taiwan relationship and its impacts on Taiwan’s economy and society.

Current research projects

My recent research topics include the following: (1) the political economy of China–Taiwan relations, (2) the history of the “global brain circulation” and the formation of innovation linkages between Silicon Valley and East Asia, (3) the “Americanization” of innovation models in East Asia (i.e., the growing influence of Silicon Valley-style innovation ecosystems as reference models for policymakers in these countries), and (4) the impacts of US–China technological decoupling on the high-tech sectors in Taiwan. I am also launching a small project with the aim of bridging business-history studies and gender perspectives.