Development Studies Center・Chief Senior Researcher

Research Field:
Development of Greater Mekong Subregion, Economies and Politics of ASEAN and China, Indonesian Economy

Education / Research Experience

Graduated from Seikei University, Faculty of Law, Political Science Department, 1983
Completed the Graduate School of Management Science and Public Policy Studies, the University of Tsukuba, 1985
Completed the doctoral course (Doctor of Economics), University of Indonesia, 2003
Professional Career:
Worked at Fuyo Data Processing & Systems Developing, Ltd. (Research & Developing Institute), 1985-1989
Worked at the Fuji Research Institute Corporation (Research and Development Division and Research and Engineering Technology Division) after the merger, 1989-1990
Worked as a special Assistant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, 1990-1992
Joined the IDE (Economic Forecast Statistics Division in the Statistics Research Department), 1993
Dispatched and worked as a researcher in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1997-2000
Department of Economic Development Analysis, 2000-2003
Inter-Disciplinary Studies Center, 2003-2004
Development Studies Center, 2005-2006
International Exchange and Training Department , 2007
Bangkok Research Center, JETRO, 2008
JETRO Bangkok, 2010
Senior Researcher, Development Studies Center, 2014
Director-General, Development Studies Center, 2014

Major Works

Papers and Book Chapters
Edited Books and Reports
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Other Information


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