[Belonging・Position] Economic Integration Studies Group, Development Studies Center ・Deputy Director
[Research Field] Area Study (Taiwan), physical distribution in Asia
[email] Hiroshi_Ikegami E-mail
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Previous research

I joined the JETRO Institute of Developing Economies in 1997 during the first year of my doctoral studies and was initially responsible for producing economic forecasts for Taiwan and Indonesia. The 1997 Asian financial crisis necessitated revised economic forecasts for Indonesia, which was greatly affected by the crisis. Since then, I have investigated foreign direct investment and Taiwan’s efforts for privatization.

For 15 years, I have researched international logistics in Asia centering on Taiwan as well as conducted regional studies involving the Taiwanese economy. I study shipping by sea and air, which are the main modes of transport in international logistics. International logistics in Asia has changed dramatically over the last decade. I examine what policies Taiwan has implemented to develop and expand seaports and airports in order to increase cargo volume.

Current research projects

My current research focuses on international logistics between China and Taiwan, which were not trading partners until the mid-1990s due to political conflict. Later, indirect trade began, but it was inefficient in terms of international logistics because goods flowed through third countries or regions. In November 2008, Taiwan and China negotiated an agreement, which made direct shipments possible starting the following month.

I am also investigating what kinds of changes in international logistics between China and Taiwan resulted from these direct shipments and what the situation was before direct routes were opened. Specific topics include, for example, which airlines conducted air freight transportation between Taiwan and China when direct flights were not permitted and how those airlines changed when direct flights started. I examine such questions from the perspectives of sea and air transport.