HIRANO Katsumi

HIRANO Katsumi

HIRANO Katsumi
[Belonging・Position] Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Chief Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Africa Study, Development Economics
[email] Katsumi_Hirano E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

I joined the JETRO Institute of Developing Economies in 1991 after working first as special assistant at the Japanese Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe and later as a program officer at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. My research areas include African studies, agricultural studies, development studies, and aid studies. I had the opportunity to work at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg from 1993 to 1995, where I observed the democratization process in South Africa. Although my research career has been relatively short due to my assignment as Executive Director of JETRO Johannesburg Center and Vice President of JETRO, I have managed to publish several books.

Current research projects

After retiring from my management position at JETRO, I resumed my academic career at the Institute of Developing Economies. My current research interest is the demographics of sub-Saharan Africa, which I suppose is one of the most important topics in African studies of the last two decades. It is my belief that the population of sub-Saharan Africa will grow faster than the UN projects, meaning that Africans will make up nearly half of global population before the end of the century.