[Belonging・Position] Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Chinese Economy
[email] Dai_Hakozaki E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

After graduating from university, I worked in the research department of a bank where I analyzed and forecasted economic conditions in Japan. I started working on issues related to China the year after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. After working in Hong Kong and Beijing, I started my current position, in which I have monitored the Chinese economy as well as trends in Japanese companies in China. I have disseminated the results of my work through lectures and JETRO publications, including business briefs, regional analysis reports, and the journal The Chinese Economy.

Current research projects

I analyze economic trends in China based on different economic indicators, depending on the circumstances. After joining the JETRO Institute of Developing Economies, I started empirically analyzing the drivers of direct investment. I also research social security for foreign workers in Japan.