FUKUDA Sadashi

FUKUDA Sadashi

Inter-disciplinary Studies Center・Chief Senior Researcher

Research Field:
Politics and Economics of the Gulf Countries with focus on Saudi Arabia

Education / Research Experience

Studied as a research student in the Institute of Arab Research and Studies, attached to the League of Arab States, in Cairo, 1978-1980
Completed the doctoral course in Literary Study, Chuo University, 1982
Professional Career:
Worked as a Special Assistant of the Japanese Embassy at Muscat, Oman, 1983-1985
Worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Literature in Chuo University, the secondary course of the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, and others, 1985-1994
Joined the IDE (General Studies Department), 1994
Worked as an overseas researcher in Riyadh, 1996-1997
Worked as an overseas researcher in Cairo, 1997-1998
Director-General of the Area Studies Department II, 2000
Director-General, Area Studies Center, 2003
Director-General , Library, 2006
Middle Eastern Studies Group, Area Studies Center, 2010
Professor, Organization for Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University, 2014
Present position, 2016

Major Works

Other Information

Membership of Academic Societies
Japan Association for Middle East Studies,
Association for Islamic Studies in Japan,
Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan