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Job opening for researchers who have been affected by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO) has decided to support researchers who are unable to secure a safe environment to conduct research due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. As a thinktank that is focused on providing research-based insights on area and development studies and facilitating academic cooperation globally, we hope this initiative will help support those researchers in Ukraine who are facing hardships to continue their research. IDE-JETRO will offer a three-year fixed term research position for those engaged in studies related to economic, political and social issues in developing and emerging economies.


IDE-JETRO has been contributing research-based insights on the economics, politics, and societies of developing countries and regions, as a hub of area and development studies in Japan for over 60 years. Through its in-depth research, IDE-JETRO brings together locally grounded knowledge on the developing countries and regions and unravels challenges and issues facing those regions and their relationship with global issues. IDE-JETRO provides an intellectual foundation to facilitate cooperation between Japan and the international community for sharing and promoting research on developing regions.

For more information visit: https://www.ide.go.jp/English/Info.html

Job Positions

Researchers engaged in studies on economic, political and social issues in developing and emerging economies including Ukraine.

Positions are offered in a fixed-term for three years. The duration can be shortened on applicants’ request.
Full-time or part-time can be selected on the applicants’ preference.

Eligibility and Qualifications

  • Researcher who is not able to secure a place to continue research safely due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
  • Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or have equivalent experience in research or teaching in social science and humanities such as Economics, Political Science, Law, International Relations, Development Studies, Geography, Economic, Political or Social History, etc. Applicants who are pursuing a Ph.D. in the above disciplines are also eligible.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English or Japanese.
  • Once selected, applicants must commute to IDE-JETRO located in Chiba prefecture in Japan.

How to Apply

1. Application: All applicants must submit the application documents online through the URL below.

2. Documents:

(1) Curriculum vitae (any style) with a recent photograph.
(2) Statement on motivation to apply for this post (any style).
(3) A list of your academic publications, including books, monographs, research papers, and other works written in English or Japanese.
(4) Up to three copies of your major writings (Ph.D. dissertation or major academic publications including book, book chapter, monograph, research paper, or refereed article in English or Japanese). In case you are not able to submit copies of your major writings, you can provide the DOI or URL of your publications.
(5) A copy of your identity card of your affiliation.

A copy of the certificate of Doctor's degree will be requested after a job offer is made.

3. How to apply:

(1) All the documents listed above must be submitted on WEBCAS as electronic data (https://www.jetro.go.jp/form5/pub/rpd/fixedterm2022_ukr).
Please follow the instruction on WEBCAS to upload documents.
(2) You will receive a confirmation email within three days after submitting the documents.

Application Deadline

All applications must be received by 17:00 (GMT+9), 30 November 2022.
Selection starts sequentially after receiving applications. Closing date may be changed depending on the progress of selection.

Selection Process

(1) Initial screening: Selection based on submitted materials and major writings.
(2) Interview: Interview in English or Japanese.

Starting Date

As soon as the offer is made (negotiable).

Other Terms and Conditions of Employment

Working hours: Discretionary working schedule system
(deemed to work for 8 hours 35 minutes on each day of duty)

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year end and new year holidays

Paid leaves: Annual, Summer, and other miscellaneous leaves specified by the law

Salary: Determined by the experience and qualifications of the candidate as per IDE-JETRO policies

(Average salary in 2020 by IDE-JETRO policies is as below)

・Average salary amount : JPY8,002,000-
・Average age of researcher : 46.2 years old

Social security: Eligible for social and government insurance of Japan such as National Health Insurance, National Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation insurance, Employee’s Pension Plan and Corporate Pension Fund

Please send Inquiries to:

IDE-JETRO, Recruitment, Research Personnel Division
Research Planning Department
Tel: 81-43-299-9528 / Fax: 81-43-299-9724
※Please note that we cannot answer questions about the result of screening.


All documents submitted will be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and JETRO's rules for the protection of personal information and will be used for recruitment purposes only. The information will not be shared with any third party unless it infringes on the relevant laws. All the submitted documents will be demolished after recruitment purposes.