Labor in Global Supply Chains

IDE Research Bulletin

March 2018

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This research project investigated economic and political issues that developing countries face in the world economy where countries are increasingly interconnected through production networks. Specifically, we focused on the following three areas: (i) Internationalization of local firms in industrializing developing economies, (ii) The effect of international trade on work values, and (iii) Labor standards in trade agreements. The project produced the following five papers:

  1. "Management Practices and Local Suppliers to Multinational Firms: Firm-level Evidence from Northern Vietnam" by Hitoshi Sato, Kiyoyasu Tanaka, and Minh Binh Tran
  2. "Does Hard Work Bring Success? Heterogeneous Impacts of Trade on the Belief in Hard Work" by Yoko Asuyama
  3. "Can RTA Labor Provisions Prevent the Deterioration of Domestic Labor Standards? The Cases of Statutory Minimum Wages and Employment Protection Regulations" by Isao Kamata
  4. "Political Economy of Labor Provisions in Free Trade Agreements" by Hitoshi Sato
  5. "Endogenous Human Capital Accumulation, Trade Openness, and Industrialization" by Toshitaka Gokan, Hitoshi Sato, and Jacques-François Thisse