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IDE DiscussionPaper

An electronic archive to disseminate works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

"Skilled Emigration and Exchange Rate: Theory and Empirics"
by Saumik PAUL, Alice OUYANG and Rachel Cho Suet LI / Published in December 2014
"Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Drivers of Index-Based Livestock Insurance Demand in Southern Ethiopia"
by Kazushi Takahashi , Munenobu Ikegami , Megan Sheahan , Christopher B. Barrett / Published in September 2014
"Product quality, Intra-Industry Trade"
by Tadashi ITO, Toshihiro OKUBO / Published in September 2014
"Corruption in Kazakhstan and the Quality of Governance"
by Dossym SATPAYEV / Published in August 2014
"Deposit Dollarization in Myanmar"
by KUBO Koji / Published in August 2014
"Are Special Economic Zones a curse on those ‘chosen’ to be evicted? Evidence from West Bengal, India."
by Saumik Paul and Vengadeshvaran Sarma / Published in August 2014
"The Informal Labour Market in India: Transitory or Permanent Employment for Migrants?"
by Abu S. SHONCHOY and P.N. (Raja) JUNANKAR / Published in March 2014
"The Effects of International Politics on Oil-Exporting Developing Countries"
by Mila Kashcheeva and Kevin K. Tsui / Published in March 2014
"Why do Oil Importers Diversify their Import Sources Politically? Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Data"
by Mila Kashcheeva and Kevin K. Tsui / Published in February 2014
"Role of Laboratories for Adapting Product-related Environmental Regulations(PRERs) "
by Chen Sau Soon, Mohd Helme bin Mohd Helan, Zanariah Ujang, Etsuyo Michida and Kaoru Nabeshima / Published in March 2014
"Value Added Trade and Structure of High-technology Exports in China"
by Ikuo Kuroiwa / Published in March 2014
"How Do Free Trade Agreements Reduce Tariff Rates and Non-tariff Barriers?"
by Kazunobu HAYAKAWA and Fukunari KIMURA / Published in February 2014
"Firm-level Impacts of Natural Disasters on Production Networks: Evidence from a Flood in Thailand"
by Kazunobu HAYAKAWA , Toshiyuki MATSUURA, and Fumihiro OKUBO / Published in February 2014
"FDI Inflows and Outflows, Intellectual Property Rights, and Productivity Growth"
by Sasatra Sudsawasd and Santi Chaisrisawatsuk / Published in February 2014