Impact of Research beyond Academia: Considering Engagement, Impact, and Open Access through the UK and Aus-tralian Experiences

Discussion Papers


by Masahiro Okada

January 2019


Many countries have conducted research assessment exercises to increase the ac-countability of higher education institutions regarding their spending of public money and to in-form the effective, efficient, and competitive allocation of research funding. This paper discusses "engagement" and "impact," which have been increasingly em-phasized as important contributions of research outputs in UK and Australian research assessment exercises. In this context, this paper also discusses the role played by the REF2021 open access policy and newly proposed Plan S in the promotion of open ac-cess. An agenda for engagement and impact requires an open access environment that shares the same objective and has synergistic effects.

Keywords:Research assessment exercise; Engagement; Impact; Open access; Scholarly communication; Governance

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