Emergence of Asian GAPs and its relationship to Global G.A.P.

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by Kaoru NABESHIMA, Etsuyo MICHIDA , VU Hoang Nam, Aya SUZUKI

March 2015


Global G.A.P. is a one of the most influential private standards in the area of food safety and sustainability. With increasing impacts of Global G.A.P., many Asian countries have introduced the country versions of GAPs; China GAP, Japan GAP, Viet GAP, Thai GAP and ASEAN GAP. Each has been influenced by Global G.A.P. but ways of implementation, implementation bodies as well as focus differ from each other. This paper examines the development and motivation behind how the Asian GAPs have been introduced both from current situation and from historical perspectives. Then we compare current situation of different Asian GAPs.

Keywords: good agriculture practice, Vietnam, Japan, quality standards
JEL classification:  Q17, Q18, L15

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