Chairmanship in ASEAN+3:A Shared Rule of Behavior

Discussion Papers


by SUZUKI Sanae

October 2004


ASEAN+3 is a cooperative framework among ASEAN members and the countries of Japan, China and Korea. It functions at the senior official, ministerial and summit levels. This article concerns how institutions in ASEAN+3 affect development of the direction and nature of this framework. ASEAN+3 is regarded as a loose framework that has regularized meetings as its main activity but has no organizational settings such as the secretariat. Little institutional analysis has been conducted on the development of this framework. This article introduces ‘Chairmanship' as an analytical concept in which the chair or chairing member plays an important role in preparing and managing meetings. ‘Chairmanship' is therefore an institution with an organizational element. It is also a shared rule of behavior among member states in that the chair's roles are not explicitly written in documents. Thus, it can be argued that the ASEAN+3 framework has an institution with an organizational element that affects development of its characteristics.

Keywords: ASEAN+3, Chairmanship, the chair, ASEAN, preparation of meetings

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